About Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan

Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan

Chairman & Managing Director

Our Chairman Dr. V.S. Chauhan is an eminent Orthopedic Surgeon & he has been instrumental in developing healthcare services in Noida since 1986. Prakash Hospital was conceived way back in 1994 and was inaugurated in February 2001. He always believes that health & education must be the fundamental right of every citizen in a welfare state but with India being a highly populated country Govt. alone cannot manage it so then comes to the role of Private Enterprises in Health & Education. With this basic idea, Prakash Hospital which is a 100 bedded Multispecialty hospital was developed.

We have been serving Noida & adjoining areas consistently satisfactorily for the last 20 years. We are adding more and more facilities to make it a compact & multidisciplinary hospital. Our motto is to provide quality health care facilities to the community at an affordable cost with the human touch. Besides this, we have the pride of starting the Nursing & Physiotherapy College of Gautam Buddha where we are running ANM, GNM, B.Sc, Post Basic B.Sc, M.Sc  in Nursing, BPT, MPT in Physio & BAMLT, etc. With this basic idea Prakash Hospital, a 100 bedded multispecialty hospital was conceived. We have state of the art of Dermatology & Cosmetic as ClaireDerma with the best equipment & accessories. This is all the manifestation of his philanthropic vision.

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